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Hello Neighbor is an incredibly scary and interesting adventure, with a bunch of puzzles and many secrets. Exciting gloomy 3D horror that excites your soul.

More recently, the main character, that is, you, acquired a small piece of land and acquired new neighbors. But recently, you began to hear strange noises at night, screaming and pleading for help from a neighboring site in which your mysterious neighbor lives. To find out what’s the matter and save the victim, you need to talk about it with a neighbor. But how to do it if he is a prosperous homebody? There is only one way out – to get into its section and find out what’s what.

Hello Neighbor
Hello Neighbor
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Get to the basement as soon as possible and unravel the secret of the strange neighbor. Become silent and invisible so as not to fall under the hot hand. You are dealing with constantly improving artificial intelligence, so do not forget to develop yourself. Improve your hero’s skills to get to the truth. Each level from head to toe is crammed with complex riddles that will have to be solved. All entrances and exits and the whole house are equipped with cameras and various traps. And if you catch the eye of the neighbor himself …

Features Hello Neighbor:

  • Incredibly beautiful 3D graphics
  • The hardest puzzles to make you think
  • Fascinating storyline
  • Interesting gameplay
  • The adversary is artificial intelligence
  • Gloomy and tense atmosphere
Hello Neighbor
Price: Free
‎Hello Neighbor
Price: Free+

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