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Zoom Cloud Meetings is a mobile application that helps users plan and conduct their own broadcast or video conference. The program can be recommended to teachers, students, entrepreneurs and company employees.

The main feature of this video chat is that it allows you to connect more than 100 people in one call, without any problems and glitches. Also, you can take off photos or videos directly to the application from any messengers that are convenient for you.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings
ZOOM Cloud Meetings
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

On the main screen of the application, all the necessary navigation buttons are located: planning, creating a conference and connecting to the current broadcast. To connect to the conference, you must enter an identifier that will be sent by the organizer to an e-mail or messenger.

When planning a conference in Zoom Cloud Meetings, you can choose the name of the conference, the date, time and frequency of the meeting. If necessary, you can set additional parameters: password entry, enable or disable the video of participants and the organizer, enable the waiting room and automatically record the conference.

By default, when the conference starts, the camera of the mobile device will be activated if this parameter has not been previously disabled in the settings. However, the organizer can use any other video source: smartphone screen, message board, website, documents or photos. If necessary, you can disable the cameras and microphones of participants. At the same time, they will have access to the internal chat, where they can ask questions on the topic or lead discussions.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings App Features:

  • Stable work
  • Intuitive interface
  • Performance
  • Support for all popular instant messengers
ZOOM Cloud Meetings
Price: Free

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