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Likee is a social network for sharing short videos to music, owned by Singapore-based company BIGO Technology. You can make video with music from an extensive library, add animated stickers and effects to the video, “dye” your hair a bright color, and much more – a lot of room for imagination. Filmed videos appear in the general stream and the stream of friends, users can leave likes, comments, and take response video reactions under the video. In addition, Likee has a live broadcast feature. If you used (or saw how your children use) TikTok, then the application will seem familiar to you.

  • Likee - Short Video Community Screenshot
  • Likee - Short Video Community Screenshot
  • Likee - Short Video Community Screenshot
  • Likee - Short Video Community Screenshot
  • Likee - Short Video Community Screenshot
  • Likee - Short Video Community Screenshot

The world’s best short effects video editor

Thousands of Magic Music stickers and filters will help turn your ideas into reality. With Likee, anyone can create popular videos with just a few taps of the screen and become a video star in their social circle! You can use the Superme feature to create stunning video in a few seconds, or an exclusive music video in less than a minute! The latest FaceMagic feature to replace faces with artificial intelligence will instantly turn you into your favorite superstars or movie heroes!

A huge number of original entertainment and educational videos from around the world

You can not only enjoy watching the original videos, music videos and funny videos created by Likers, but also watch a series of culinary videos or videos about life hacks and much more! Based on the world’s leading technology of smart recommendations, Likee quickly selects the most interesting content for you!

Meet interesting people from around the world with short videos and live streams

Young people from all over the world gather at Likee to meet interesting people. You get the opportunity not only to meet tens of millions of celebrities and talented performers from all over the world, but also to find friends from your city or near you!

The world’s leading short video platform

Likee, you can quickly grow your circle of subscribers! Likee provides the stage for talented video creators to help them grow more quickly on a personal basis.

Everyone has a chance to create high-quality video content, be recommended in the popular, receive billions of views and earn money using the “Author Reward” function. And also you have the opportunity to get professional training from our Media Program and quickly become another celebrity of the worldwide network!

Main functions

  • Brand new makeup and editing features of the face, with which you can apply exquisite makeup in a split second!
  • Numerous special effects, thousands of stickers and magical emojis will make your every selfie truly unique!
  • Advanced “Magic of Music” filters help you create exclusive music videos with special effects that are fully synchronized with the rhythm of the music!
  • The intelligent functions “Hair Color”, “4D Magic”, “FaceMagic” and “Super Strength” will allow you to shoot amazing videos right from your mobile phone!
  • “The Superme feature will turn your photos into awesome movies in seconds!”
  • “FaceMagic”: become a one-touch superstar! One photo is all you need to play any part in the movie!
  • Video dubbing: with a collection of dubbing scripts from the most popular movies, you can become the star of any movie you want!
  • Have fun and gain new knowledge by watching countless high-quality original videos! Expand the boundaries of your world and share it right now!
  • Innovative online broadcasting platform with elements of magic: get a new experience thanks to our unique interactive gameplay and gifts.
  • Quickly find new friends in your city by searching for short videos using the Nearby feature!
  • A global platform for short videos, where anyone can get the opportunity to gain popularity, get billions of views on their videos and become another celebrity of the worldwide network!

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