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TikTok is an application for creating small funny videos with the ability to share your work with friends around the world. Complete freedom for imagination and creativity in music or dancing, creating video clips of excellent quality. Shoot original content with masks, filters and stickers. If you are a creative person, and you are bursting with ideas – this application will help you give life to many of them. It remains only to install the Tick Tok application and begin to act.

Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Features of TikTok:

  • Millions of videos tailored for you
  • Accurate transfer of emotions thanks to the quick capture of the picture and high-quality transmission of details and facial features
  • Convenient and understandable interface for all
  • Fast loading
  • A rich music library
  • Special effects and various other tools for creating creative video in TickTok
  • Huge opportunities for self-expression and communication with like-minded people around the world
  • The latest technology allows you to turn your favorite smartphone into a full-fledged creative studio
  • Regularly updated live masks
Price: Free
Price: Free+

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